Monday, July 29, 2013

Interview - R&T Preppers

Today we have Richard of R&T Preppers

The Independent (TI):  Richard, tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
Richard, R&T (R&T):  Our YouTube channel is focused on our life and how we collect and use our preps.  There are many different outlooks on prepping, such as short term prepping (hurricanes/droughts/tornadoes/wildfire) to long term prepping (civil unrest/world war/economic collapse) to the end of the world prepping (shtf/teotwawki).  Our YouTube channel is geared to the short term prepping paradigm.

TI:  R&T Preppers focuses a lot on electronics and renewable energies.  These are two areas I’m lacking in, and I imagine a lot of others are.  Care to elaborate on why you feel these preps are important?
R&T:  Since we are more focused on short term events that we prep for, it's vital in todays global society to have some form of electricity in the event of an emergency.  Our portable solar setup that we have custom built has the ability to keep batteries charged in lights, cellphones for communication, and a portable fridge/freezer for perishable food storage.  The system can also be used by individuals that rely on medical devices to survive, such as b/c pap breathing machines, portable neutralizers, infant apnea monitors, etc..

TI:  What’s your current project?  What can we expect next from R&T Preppers?
R&T:  My current project is making small portable solar lights that recharge during the day by solar, then run all night.  The catch is it doesn't store the energy in a battery, but rather a supercapacitor that has a 20+ year lifespan.  Longevity in preps is always a bonus. 

We're hoping to start canning videos either later this fall or early next year once we save up for the pressure canner and supplies.  The other project which is in works is a survivalist ebook reader customized with relevant ebooks from cooking, hunting, defense, electronics, medical, you name it. 

TI:  Any advice for someone who is new to preparedness?
R&T:  First decide what your prepping for, then take your time and gather knowledge before you go out and start spending.  Then take your time and research each product you want to buy and how useful will it be in your preps.  Also look at flea markets and garage sales for cheap items that can easily be re-purposed into your prepping needs.

TI:  Anything you’d like to add before we go?
R&T:   Our channel also has video snippets from our lives, usually when we go out on a trip, event, or camping.  This is to show our viewers that we're still real normal people and not just another voice behind a camera. 

We never know what our next prep will be until we see a need for it, so we're always adding new material to the channel. Most times it will a recent thought that has materialized into something that we can share with everyone, or an adaptation of a brilliant idea found online or in other prepper videos for our needs.

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