Monday, August 5, 2013

Interview: Author Ron Foster (Preppers Road March, et al)

Today we have Ron Foster, author of Preppers Road March.

The Independent (TI):  Ron, tell us a little about yourself.
Ron (RF): I am a prepper fiction author with over 25 books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. My Author Central page on Amazon will show you that I have extensive degrees in emergency management and homeland security, as well as operations and management of non profits. I am @SolarPrepper on twitter and provide a news paper at I am often a featured radio guest on the Prepper Broadcasting Network where I discuss my books as well as response and recovery after a disaster.

TI:  Several of your books examines the effects of an EMP.  How susceptible is our grid to its effects?  A lot of studies contradict each other on what exactly will be disabled in a major event.  What can we do, as individuals, to mitigate the effects of a major EMP on our families?
RF: I have several books out on the theme of electromagnetic pulse fiction and how various imaginary characters survive the effects of a  CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) taking the electrical grid down. My first book on this type of disaster was Preppers Road March and it is part of the Prepper Trilogy which includes “Bug Out! Preppers On The Move” and “The Light In The Lake.”

Our grid is highly susceptible this threat as well a nuclear EMP. Scientists have determined that we are in Solar maximum at this time and there is a 1 in 8 chance that will experience a catastrophic solar storm. 

I don’t like those odds at all. As individuals people should not take this threat lightly and make others aware of the risks and hazards of space weather. They need to get their households ready to deal with these threats as well as many other natural as well as man made disasters. This type of disaster makes people rethink their preparations because this will be a long-term event. The EMP commission report of 2001 stated that 90% of the population would be dead within a year if the North American power grid was taken down. People need to realize that much research has been performed as to whether or not all newer cars with computers will be disabled by a EMP event. In a nuclear or conventional explosive EMP bomb attack cars will be disabled but just within a certain zone, in a solar event it depends on the strength a geographic area affected. Some studies and experimentation show vehicles will be unaffected by a solar storm. However, the thing is with all these scenarios, is that the gas pumps will be shutoff so anticipate living without a vehicle accordingly.

TI:  Did you set out to include teachable moments in your story?  Or is your book more character driven?
RF:  Every one of my books contains different survival tips and tricks along the way. Having written so many books it is becoming a bit harder to teach my readers something new but I also elaborate on the psychology of disaster which is also a teachable moment. I have been told by many, many people, both in youtube vids and book reviews that the readers enjoy learning survival techniques from my stories. They remember the skills better because unlike a dry survival book, my stories show the interaction of entertaining characters using these skills with a certain mindset or applied to a certain situation.

TI:  What can we expect next from you?  Any futures books in the works?
RF:  I’m doing the second book in a new trilogy. The first book “Fades the light” ends the Prepper Road Saga and is set 10 years after the EMP event as the main characters age or die off and government led reconstruction is going on. The title for this one at the moment is diary of a Kudzu salesman.

TI:  Anything you’d like to add before we go?
RF:   I guess I will borrow a saying from Youtube personality LowBuck Prepper. “Prep to live, don’t live to prep.” A common mistake all preppers go through is spending too much money or worrying too much about risks. Take time just to be good to yourself and get out the prepper mindset once in awhile to just enjoy everyday life.

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