Monday, August 12, 2013

Interview: Kentucky Lake Prepper

Today we have Chet of Kentucky Lake Prepper.

The Independent (TI):  Chet, tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
Chet (KLP): I am a twelve year veteran law enforcement officer currently holding the rank of patrol sergeant. I am also the firearms instructor for my department as well as a part time instructor for Tactical Response.

        I had my eye opening moment about 6 years ago while talking with John Willis, the owner of Original Special Operations Equipment. I was just hanging out at his shop and we had a weather system headed our way that evening. He asked me if I had extra supplies on hand, such as food, water, alternate power supplies etc. I had nothing. That one simple question made me realize how vulnerable I had left my family to any number of scenarios, be it natural disasters, financial or otherwise. It was a sobering moment to say the least it just went on from there.

TI:  KLP has a food storage and a knot-tying series that are both very helpful.  Do you have a favorite video that you’ve produce?                                                                                             
KLP: Oh it is definitely the food storage series so far. I have received more messages and questions from those videos than any other, which tells me I am helping some people. I really like the idea that I am doing some small part to bring people into a preparedness mindset. That was the sole purpose of starting the channel in the first place, although I do now branch into some other topics, such as wilderness self reliance.

TI:  What is your advice for someone who has the basics of preparedness (food, medical, self-defense), but wants to move to the next level?
KLP:   Keep building on your basics. Set goals and attain them, no matter how small. Another huge thing to focus on is getting out of debt and staying that way, which can seem pretty daunting. But it can be done. It is a true feeling of freedom to not owe anyone anything. Lastly, find ways to communicate with friends, family and neighbors about preparedness. In a SHTF scenario, communities will be much better off. The lone wolf mentality simply will not work. Like I say in one of my videos, “We are all in this together. Make your community as large as you can”.

TI:  What can we expect next from KLP?
KLP:   I am going to be going more into the wilderness self reliance/survival vein soon. I find that if you can get folks out in the woods having fun, the concept of self reliance becomes much less foreign to many people, and it is easier for them to transfer that into their daily lives. It is strange to think that self reliance is so foreign these days for many, but it is largely indoctrination, I think. People are conditioned to need someone to help them all the time and it can be a process helping them realize that self reliance goes hand in hand with freedom.

TI:  As a LEO, does the rise of the warrior-cop mentality concern you?  It seems many are forsaking the ideals of the peace officer, in favor of the militarized 1* mentality.  What does this trend mean, in your opinion, for the future of law enforcement?
KLP: That is a great question and all I can do is speculate here. In past history we have seen the militarization of America's police for different reasons and under several presidencies. Again we see the use of indoctrination here. Feed people just a little bit at a time and convince them its for the good of the people. Each time it gets easier to sell it. We have certainly not seen the last of it. Most of the officers I have come in contact with would not raise weapons against the american people. I certainly would not. It all comes down to the quality of people really. Those that became officers because they wanted to be police officers won't be your problem. The problem will be those that became police because they needed a job. Those will be your jackbooted thugs. The mindless order takers. Safety at the cost of freedom. I will have no part of that. I hope that answers your question, although we could certainly have a complete book on that subject.

TI:  Anything you’d like to add before we go?
KLP:  I would just like to thank you for taking your time to talk with me and for using your talents to help spread the word. I hope we can talk again soon. Also, I want to remind your readers to check out my YouTube channel at and to follow me on Facebook at . Feel free to contact me if I can help you or any of your readers in any way.

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  1. i watched a you tube video of chet reviewing the esee junglas which i just bought a couple days ago,, love it,, but this is my dumb question, where do i get a belt like his?? he clips his belt in the beginning of the video. i want a belt like his , i think its cool. thank-you, ,,,, jon