Thursday, September 19, 2013

Interview: Alex Smith

Today we have Alex Smith, author of several survival books.

The Independent (TI):  Alex, tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
Alex Smith (AS):  I’m a lifelong outdoors enthusiast with interests in preparedness and sustainable living.  I enjoy camping, shooting sports and spending time with my family.

TI:  Tell us about your newest book, Home Remedies.

AS:  It’s an excellent introduction for the individual with limited experience in the application of home remedies.  In it, we discuss:

1.  How to make infusions, salves, poultices and more.

2.  Nearly 500 home remedies.

3.  Super plants everyone should have on hand.

4.  Starting your own home remedy/herb garden.

TI:  Tell us about your previous books.

AS:  I have two other books available.  Getting Home and Staying Home

I try to write all of my books in a clear and open manner.  I shy away from technical jargon that the beginner may find intimidating.  Still, I think all of my work offers enough information to still be useful for even those that are experienced in preparedness.

Getting Home examines what is needed to survive a collapse scenario and make it home to your family.  Some of the items I discuss include:

1. Creating a robust Every Day Carry (EDC) kit

2. Supplementing your EDC with a Daypack (DP)

3. What to store in your office (or other facility while you are away from home)

4. Selecting and outfitting your vehicle

5. Selecting and outfitting a Get Home Bag (GHB)

6. Creating Caches

7. Getting Home: Tips and Tactics for Survival

Staying Home is focused more on preparing your home and property for a disaster.   In it, the following items are discussed:

1. Selecting a the right region to weather a disaster

2. Selecting a defendable property

3. Making your property sustainable and independent

4. Hardening your property

5. Reinforcing your home

6. Preparations for hard times

7. Skills for self-reliance

8. Leveraging your community

9. Disaster scenarios

TI:  What is your advice for someone who has the basics of preparedness (food, medical, self-defense), but wants to move to the next level?

AS:  Once you have a decent store of food, some medical supplies and a nice battery of weapons, you’re in pretty good shape.  Now’s the time to move towards a level of self-sustainable preparedness. 

At this point, it’s really more about skills: 

Learn to garden and raise livestock.

Take a wilderness survival or first-aid class.

Attend a self-defense class, professional firearms training or an Appleseed shoot.

Get in shape!  Get a home gym.

Learn skills that could be valuable in a prolonged grid-down scenario (carpentry, small engine repair, metalworking, etc.)

TI:  Anything you’d like to add before we go?

AS: To celebrate the release of Home Remedies, I’ve dropped the price on all 3 of my books to 99 cents each for the Kindle editions.  The sale won’t last long, so get them while you can.

TI:  Excellent!  Alex, thanks for the heads up and for dropping by!

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